Punk Dust

Poetry / Protest / Health / Illness.
Fighting the Power since 1977.

Punk Dust Poetry logo - a faded circle, overlaid with a star and the words Punk Dust Poetry

Poetry that needs to be published

Punk Dust Poetry believes in poetry from voices that are often ignored and side-lined.
We believe in poetry as a form of protest.
We believe in poetry as a form of personal expression.
We believe in the raw power of poetry.
We believe in love and kindness, despite everything.
We love the poetry of urban decay.
We love the poetry of desperation.
We love the poetry of the inner workings of confused, frustrated, tired minds.
We love the poetry that tries to make sense of the 21st Century and the mess we’re in.

A black and white image of an urban area - car park, various types of architecture, railway lines. Overlaid is the words punkdust.com

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