Punk Dust

Poetry / Protest / Health / Illness.
Fighting the Power since 1977.


Punk Dust Poetry is currently open for Submissions for our forthcoming split pamphlets.
Each pamphlet will contain the work of 3 complementary poets.
We are looking for 6-10 themed or linked poems per poet.
A micro collection. A campaign. A bad mood. An illness. A state of the nation.

We are interested in publishing work by voices that are not often represented.
We are interested in publishing poetry that has something to say.
Poetry with passion and heart, darkness and light, humour and sadness.
We are interested in publishing poetry that needs to be shared.

Realistically, we may not be the right fit for your work if you write poetry about nature and love and poetry for the sake of the word play.
We may well love your poems, but that doesn’t mean we want to publish them, sorry.

Please send your offering (Word Doc or PDF) and a quick bio / social links to punkdustpoetry@gmail.com with the Subject header: Submission
Ideally at least half won’t have been published on poetry websites or in magazines.

We are unable to offer advances to authors, but will pay royalties on every paperback and ebook sold via our distributors and this website.
You’ll also get a number of free copies, plus reduced rate author copies that you can sell at events.
Punk Dust Poetry is a not-for-profit endeavour, but that doesn’t mean we don’t pay people.

It should go without saying, but no racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any other type of discriminatory hate will be published.

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