Punk Dust

Poetry / Protest / Health / Illness.
Fighting the Power since 1977.


Punk Dust Poetry is a press / publisher of poetry books. Or will be when we have the first one on sale.
We are based in Swansea, Wales, UK.

We took our name from the poem Dusting by Richard Gwyn, from his collection Walking on Bones.
“You run your finger down a ledge and it returns covered in the filth of 1976. Punk dust. It is now the twenty-first century.”

It means a lot to us, both the poem, and the concept.
Punk Dust Poetry was conceived in 1976, damn it.
We are that filth. We grew up in a world where punk had already happened.

How do you rebel when your father had longer hair than you will ever have?
How do you smash the system when algorithms and firewalls and the rising costs of living prevent you even getting access to a sledgehammer?
How do you protest when you can’t leave your home?
How do you stand up and speak when you’re too anxious to be in a crowd, when society isn’t accessible, when you haven’t the time or the energy or the platform because life is challenging enough as it is?
How do you get heard when there are seven billion other voices out there shouting, pleading, crying, celebrating at the same time?

Punk Dust Poetry is currently using Amazon’s KDP infrastructure. Yes, we know, Amazon are not perfect. Neither are Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook. But this is the playground we’re in. These are the best tools we have found so far. If anyone can suggest a cheaper / more ethical / more accessible means of doing this, then please get in touch, we’d love to know.

Ideally we’d seize the means of production, but we live in a capitalist world where postage seems to get higher every day and the cost of printing hundreds of books is ridiculous. The overheads! The trees! We could photocopy and cut and staple them all together and go down to the post office every day, but as much as we admire this approach, it is not feasible. This model also makes it easier for us to reach a global audience for our authors, and makes it super easy to get a decent return on our books. Again, this is for our authors – we don’t make any money on the books we sell, and if we do, it goes to charity after taxes, envelopes, and any additional costs incurred in the manufacture / promotion of the products.

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